Powerful Tools Give Contractor Competitive Edge

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A clogged kitchen sink at a church prompted a routine call for drain cleaning help.

That’s when local plumbing professional Sylvan Tieger rode to rescue—with something different.

With nearly five decades as a plumber, including three years’ U.S. Navy service, Tieger offers a full range of plumbing, drain cleaning, fire suppression and emergency services to the New York City area’s commercial, residential and institutional markets.

He also prides himself on getting to the root of customer problems. And he quickly discovered more serious trouble—total stoppage of a 4” stack.

“The 4” soil line was blocked below the church’s kitchen sink on the main floor,” Tieger recalls. “So the sink was receiving discharges from 5 floors above.”

That allowed waste to fill the sink every time a fixture above was used. “It looked like a soft stoppage, and a cable machine probably wouldn’t have worked,” he adds. “That’s when I decided to test the power of my Kinetic Water Ram™.”

Powerful tool clears tough ‘FOG’ clogs

The lightweight, compact Kinetic Water Ram from General Pipe Cleaners safely, quickly and cleanly clears clogged sinks and showers, toilets and tubs with Kinetic Energy.

Kinetic Water Ram unleashes a powerful burst of compressed air that drives a clog-busting shock wave through water at 4,700 ft./second. It effectively clears hair, rust, grease, sediment and scale from lines from 1-1/4” to 4” in diameter.

“This was a bad blockage,” Tieger notes. “And it frankly took me a couple dozen times before I finally heard the ‘whoosh’ that—believe it or not—cleared the entire 4” stack stoppage!”

Results like that made him a believer. “This one job paid more than the tool cost me,” he reveals.

“Now I got one Kinetic Water Ram for each of my three crews, my home and my daughter!” he laughs. “On what I call ‘FOG’—fats, oil and grease—it’s my favorite, favorite tool!”

Matchless speed & efficiency

General’s innovative tool gave Tieger a competitive edge. For instance, one national franchise competitor—despite repeated efforts—couldn’t clear a shower drain. “It was probably another soft stoppage,” he notes. “And the clog just closed back onto itself after the competitor snaked it.”

But the first time, Tieger’s Kinetic Water Ram quickly eliminated the blockage. “Compared to the competition, it made me look really good!”

Speed and efficiency like that also lets Tieger tackle multiple drain-cleaning tasks—as he discovered when facing several simultaneous sink stoppages in a post office lavatory.

“From transport to set-up to clog-clearing, it’s about 50 times faster than cable machines,” Tieger chuckles. He simply plugged the overflow openings and—“bam, bam, bam”—cleared one sink after another with Kinetic Water Ram.

“Most customers don’t care if you suck-up the water with a straw,” Tieger winks. “They just want working sinks!”

Versatile & easy To use

General’s pioneering product is especially effective clearing slow draining tubs when the stoppage is on the far side of a drum trap – or through narrow lines in trailer homes that can be hard on a snake.

“I use it for all my tub stoppages,” he adds. “Plus on all sorts of sinks, basins, and floor and roof drains.”

There’s no pressure build-up within the system, either. The shock wave bypasses stacks and vents. 98% of the force is directed down the line and only 2% against pipe walls.

The compact, hand-held wonder is easy to transport. “Unlike bulky cable machines, taking Kinetic Water Ram up and down stairs is a snap!” The Ram weighs just 10 lbs.

Simply pump the Kinetic Water Ram to the desired pressure, plug overflows to prevent splash back, and firmly positioned the flexible cone over the drain opening. One snap of the trigger unleashes a powerful shock wave, usually clearing clogs with amazing speed.

General’s tool comes standard with flexible cone seals from 1-1/4” to 4” in diameter, caulking hose, and five tapered valves for sealing openings from 1-1/4” through 4”. A Schraeder valve for use with an external air compressor when clearing difficult blockages is also provided.

An optional toilet attachment screws onto the front of the Kinetic Water Ram—permitting firmer positioning in the bowl and acting like a powerful plunger.

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