Prefabrication Trends to Optimize Construction Timelines with BIM

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Skilled labor shortages and time-consuming on-site logistics can wreak havoc on construction schedules. Prefabrication is an effective option to expedite projects while maintaining favorable labor investments. BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology can boost the prefabrication advantages even further. Jisell Howe, CDT and Brian Nickel will present to the audience an overview of the current status and future of 3D modeling, fabrication, and execution within the plumbing and heating sectors.

You’ll learn:

→ Best practices in BIM design
→ Prefabrication project success stories
→ Avoiding the software technology / real world disconnect
→ Revit design benefits for installers
→ What’s next in BIM?

Howe is the Senior BPM Platform Integration Manager for ENGworks Global. Her background in manufacturing is pivotal for managing BIM content creation projects for clients. She pushes the AEC Industry (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) forward by bridging gaps between construction design technology and manufactured products.

Nickel is the CEO/Founder of Allied BIM. He is a Virtual Design and Construction Manager with expertise in managing the use of building information models for architecture, engineering, and construction projects. He is also Adjunct Faculty (Revit) for Gallatin College and Montana State University College of Engineering – Construction Engineering Technology.

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