Protect Your Commercial Customers with Drain Down Pro

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Every professional commercial plumber has faced the challenge: ensuring the water is truly OFF before cutting into a pipe and easily draining the water from that piping system. Mistakes can be catastrophic, leading to floods and potential property damage. With the Drain Down Pro, you can confidently confirm the water is off, every single time.

Key Benefits of the Drain Down Pro:

  1. Avoid Unwanted Surprises: Similar to an electrician testing an outlet before working, the Drain Down Pro ensures plumbers don’t cut into active water lines.
  2. Quick & Efficient Draining: Large 1/2″ hole ensures faster draining compared to traditional methods. Turn building water back on swiftly and reduce waiting time.
  3. Full Control with Drain Valve: Easily manage the draining process. Fill buckets, turn off the valve, empty, and continue. Especially handy when there’s no nearby drain.
  4. Built for Pressure: Designed to handle full pressure, and tested up to 150psi.

Unique Features:

  • Versatile: Fits multiple pipe sizes (1.5”-4”) and types including copper, PVC, CPVC, galvanized, and PEX.
  • User-friendly: Easy installation in under a minute. Common socket sizes (9/16” and 3/8”) and a nut driver (3/8”).
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: Quick drill bit replacement without disassembling. Simply use an Allen wrench through the drain valve.
  • Compact Design: Lightweight and conveniently fits in standard toolkits.
  • Cost Saving: Reduce water turn-off downtime, and costly floods.

Why Every Professional Commercial Plumber Needs the Drain Down Pro:

  • Safety & Assurance: Every commercial plumbing company, mechanical contractor, and industrial plumber should consider this tool. Even building owners, property managers, and insurance companies should consider this tool vital to protect their investment.
  • Insurance Benefits: How many water damage claims arise from accidental plumbing mistakes? We believe insurance companies might offer lower rates for those using this tool, similar to incentives for homeowners with leak detection devices.

For more information visit Pipe Down Pro.

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