Protecting your Installation and Reputation

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Want to be a reputable contractor in your area? Want to grow your business? Servicing and maintenance with ADEY’s NEW ChemPack is a great way to do just that

It’s all well and good installing a brand-new system, or replacing an existing boiler for a new one, but is it protected by clean water? If not, is it protected by the warranty if it were to fail due to bad water quality?

The answer to the latter is becoming more frequently, a no. More and more manufacturers are no longer covering warranties if there’s proof of negligence. Imagine the loss of reputation and loss of income by installing components without validating the warranty.

The cost of protecting systems from the onset far outweighs the cost of replacing components due to bad water quality and is this something you should incorporate into your quote to the homeowner.

We all know it’s not as simple as that though and this is how you get over that obstacle!

  1. Show the homeowner the installation manual and warranty card– Installing a new boiler? Show the homeowner the warranty clauses to prove that servicing is a requirement and explain that their boiler will not be covered under warranty if it is to fail due to bad water quality.
  2. Replacing failed components? Show the homeowner– showing the homeowner the physical effects of corrosion and explaining how this happened is the “low hanging fruit”!
  3. ADEY’s MagnaClean® Professional2 ChemPack! Test and Solve, all in one box!
    • Use the MagnaClean RapidTest on both new and retrofit installs to show the homeowner the magnetite content in any system. Seeing is believing!
    • Up-sell the service: use the MC3+™ cleaner, MagnaClean® Professional2XP magnetic filter, and MC1+™ inhibitor for complete system protection!

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