The real benefit of vehicle tracking for plumbing businesses

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By Robert Hall

There’s no way around it: Running a business in the plumbing industry means a lot of time on the road. You and your personnel drive to and fro between jobs in order to service different locations. On any one day, you may have several plumbers out at the same time, and keeping track of everyone’s location and projects can be tough. That’s where GPS comes in. Designed to seamlessly, conveniently track your vehicles’ locations and travel times, a Global Positioning System gives you real-time information on where your plumbers are and when. Consider some of the top benefits that come from GPS tracking for plumbing companies like yours:

Streamlined Travel Times

  • When you’re constantly driving from one job to another the way plumbers do, you can’t afford to waste time getting lost on back roads or turned around in a new area. GPS
    gives you step-by-step directions that ensure services can be provided faster and more efficiently. What’s more, streamlining travel means you can save on wasted fuel costs, too.

Better Appointment Estimates

  • It’s much easier to tell a customer what time a plumber will arrive when you have built-in technology that can pinpoint his or her location at any moment. With GPS, saying, “We’ll be there in 20 minutes,” is a promise you can make with confidence, backed by technology.

Monitored Activity

  • GPS puts you in the know about where your vehicles are at all times. Want to know which plumbers are taking the longest on jobs and which ones are working most quickly? Ready to see firsthand when employees are missing jobs or wasting hours? GPS gives you real-time insight into your plumbing business.

Validated work hours

  • When a client disputes the time spent on a job, GPS gives you a simple, convenient way to prove hours of service. Simply pull up the tracked time that you or one of your service people arrived and left the job site, and you have evidence to back up your work.

Prevention of theft or loss

  • Your vehicles and the assets they carry can be some of your most expensive investments, so finding ways to prevent their theft, loss, or damage is crucial. With GPS you have a built-in way to track your cars or trucks, so that it’s easier than ever to recover vehicles from theft. What’s more, you can see where your vehicles have been and are going, making it easier to track down where damage occurred or the location of a missing vehicle.

The fact is, GPS offers all kinds of benefits to plumbing businesses. From less wasted time on the road to more productive employees to the prevention of vehicle theft, these benefits add up to significant cost savings. This means that GPS is about more than tracking trucks and cars; it’s about boosting your bottom line. By implementing GPS in your company vehicles, you set your business up to be as effective, efficient, and successful as poss

Robert Hall is president of Track Your Truck, a privately held company that provides service businesses with fleet tracking solutions.

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