Real Estate Group Challenged by Leaks and Water Damage on Jobsites

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As a leading global construction company, Tidhar’s success relies on the company’s reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. The dynamic international real estate group employs a unique combination of entrepreneurial, planning and execution capabilities, advanced management concepts, and uncompromising quality and service to develop, build and operate residential and commercial projects around the world.

Challenge: Unfortunately, Tidhar, like many other construction firms, has been frequently challenged by leaks and water damage on jobsites. The company’s management was determined to put an end to the costs of property damage and remediation, the delivery delays and the impact of water leaks on customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the company sought tools to support its commitment to enhancing sustainability in the construction industry. Reducing water waste on building sites not only helps Tidhar save customers time and money; it also offers opportunities to incorporate long-term sustainability measures and establishes Tidhar as a pioneer in the evolution of sustainable construction practices.

Tidhar needed a solution that would mitigate damage from water leaks and even eliminate the risk altogether. The ideal solution would detect leaks, alert staff, and automatically shut water off to prevent damage. It would need to function during all project phases and continue operation regardless of any communication or power infrastructure failures at the site. It had to be adaptable, robust and modular so it could grow with the site as construction progressed.

 Solution: WINT is passionate about preventing the hazards and costs associated with water leaks, and about preventing water waste to reduce consumption and ongoing costs. Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, signal processing, smart auto-shutoff valves and advanced IoT technologies, Water Intelligence units provide an all-in-one solution for organizations looking to eliminate water-leak damage and to reduce ongoing water waste. WINT’s customers include commercial facilities, construction projects and industrial facilities including the world’s leading construction and real-estate companies, facilities management organizations and prominent buildings.

WINT’s advanced solutions track water flows, learn usage patterns and behaviors and identify anomalies in real time. When an issue is detected WINT alerts staff and can automatically shut water off to prevent damage.

The WINT cloud, portal and mobile application provide maintenance staff with the tools required to manage water on the facility, track usage and control water flow and usage throughout the facility. WINT’s AI-based systems are installed at multiple locations at a site, with devices added to newly constructed areas and floors as the project advances. When the system detects a leak, it alerts staff and can instantly shut off water to the affected area.

Supervisors have the option to choose automated shutoff or an alert-only policy. Site supervisors and managers can remotely view related water-flow data from their mobile devices, and immediately shut-off or activate water flows in real time.

WINT systems can even communicate over the cellular network and be powered by battery, so they can be deployed even before Internet and electrical infrastructure has been installed.

 Result: Over the past two years, Tidhar has deployed the WINT solution at over 40 construction projects. These include residential high-rise buildings as well as large, million-square-feet high-tech commercial facilities.

Over this period, Tidhar experienced six shutoff incidents with flow rates up to 500 gallons an hour across its portfolio. Disruptions could be attributed to a defective fitting, a broken hose and a running tap. In each case, WINT technology identified the issue, shut off the water supply and alerted staff, saving the sites from massive damage and delays.

Since deploying WINT, Tidhar has not suffered a single water damage incident. In fact, the company has established WINT as a mandatory standard for all of its construction projects; any exclusion requires formal CEO approval.

“Water damage at construction sites is one of those things that keep construction executives up at night,” said Tidhar CEO Tal Hershkovitz. “The physical damage can be huge and the project delays a nightmare. WINT has made this one less thing to worry about. We sleep better knowing that WINT has an eye on water at our sites.”

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