REMS Akku-Amigo 22V Threader

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REMS Akku-Amigo 22 V is the powerful, handy, and innovative power tool for fast, precise, and effortless thread cutting. It is a 100% German quality power tool manufactured in our world class factory at REMS headquarters inWaiblingen, Germany.

Supplied with a unique support bracket that acts as a vice, the REMS Akku-Amigo 22 V can be used anywhere, even on already installed pipes.  For ⅛–1″ pipe threads and ¼–1″ bolt threads.

REMS Li-Ion 22 V technology with 9.0Ah capacity sets standards in terms of economy and usability and enables cutting of approximately 50 ¾” threads on a single battery charge. The light 12.3 lb. drive unit including battery enables easy, effortless working everywhere. Ideal for repairs, renovations and building sites.

The tool is engineered with maintenance-free gearing and overload protection to prevent damage.

A high cutting speed combined the easy-to-use support bracket that absorbs all torque in both directions allows quick, almost effortless, precise thread cutting.

Quick-change die heads using proven technology, high-grade alloys, and precise machining of the die head and dies provide excellent start-cutting performance, easy threading, and extended die life.

Long, precise pipe guidance ensures perfect pipe centering. The chip evacuation holes are purposefully designed to enable good chip flow and clean threads.

Established quality and innovation since 1909 – REMS.

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