Rheem Proterra Hybrid Electric Water Heater

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North America’s most efficient water heater qualifies for the highest level of energy rebates and can save homeowners hundreds of dollars upon purchase.

Rheem Proterra Hybrid Electric Water Heater, water heating, water heater, electric water heater, plumbing, HVACRheem recently unveiled the industry’s most efficient hybrid electric water heater. Named ProTerra™ for its unmatched efficiencies, this ENERGY STAR® certified water heater from Rheem is over 400 percent more efficient compared to any standard electric tank-type water heater in market and is more eco-friendly than ever at up to 4.0 UEF.

“Rheem is committed to developing cutting-edge products that benefit end-users and our environment,” said Ankur Maheshwari, senior product manager, Rheem. “Our top-of-the-line ProTerra water heater can save homeowners money upon purchase in the form of a $300 federal tax credit, and because the system requires minimal power to operate, its carbon footprint is the lowest in its class.”

The ProTerra’s compact design makes it a perfect tank replacement for even the home’s smallest spaces. The system is available in the widest selection of gallon sizes in its category – 40, 50, 65, 80 – to support various hot water needs, and the ProTerra with LeakGuard™ model is now the industry’s only hybrid water heater with built-in leak detection and auto-shutoff that limits water loss from the tank to no more than 20 ounces. LeakGuard protects the home against water damage, providing peace of mind for end-users.

This all-new hybrid water heater also has Rheem’s exclusive EcoNet® Wifi technology built in. Once connected through the EcoNet mobile app, users can monitor the system from any location, adjust water temperatures for controlled comfort and receive maintenance alerts to ensure the system continues to run smoothly without interruption. Additionally, through the EcoNet mobile app, users can access Rheem’s Hot Water Availability feature which indicates how much hot water is available in the tank, preventing any cold shower surprises. Other advanced features include scheduling around peak electricity rates, an energy usage tracker to manage consumption without sacrificing comfort and five operating modes to balance between energy usage and hot water availability.

Plumbers can access detailed system diagnostics through Rheem’s Contractor App, which shortens service visits and improves credibility in the field. The ProTerra has all serviceable components on the front of the unit, which also saves plumbers valuable time on a jobsite. Another benefit to plumbers is the unit’s zero clearance requirement on the sides. This makes earthquakes straps easy to install, providing an extra benefit in California where earthquake straps are code.

“Our ProTerra hybrid water heater is not only the most efficient water heater available, it is also NEEA Tier 4 certified and comes with CTA 2045 adaptor with full Demand Response capability out of the box,” said Scott Cohen, Senior Manager, Rheem. “This level of product efficiency is Rheem’s ongoing priority when developing new innovations and supports the company’s “Greater Degree of Good” sustainability initiative which includes reducing GHG emissions by 50 percent.”

The ProTerra qualifies for the highest level of energy rebates, will save homeowners up to nearly $500 in annual energy costs[1] and will pay for itself within two years[2]. For more information on utility rebates, ask your local utility provider and visit www.rheem.com/hybrid.

[1]Based on comparison against the estimated annual operating cost of a standard electric water heater of like capacity manufactured prior to 2015 under NAECA II which is likely being replaced.

[2]Based on purchase price and energy cost savings of a 50-gallon Hybrid Electric Water Heater with 3.55 UEF (3.50 EF) over a 50-gallon standard residential electric water heater with a 0.93 UEF (0.95 EF).