Rinnai America Corporation Highlights Power of Demand Duo R-Series 

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Providing ease, cost savings and strong performance, product offers contractors a competitive advantage 

To provide a quick and easy tank replacement solution to both contractors and end users, Rinnai America Corporation created the non-condensing Demand Duo® R-Series Commercial Hybrid Water Heating System. Its design connects easily to the existing 6” B-Vent, allowing Contractors to quickly and easily replace standard-efficiency atmospheric tanks. The end user, too, can benefit by simply upgrading to a “best of both” system, featuring part-tank and part-tankless design.

“With patented technology, the Demand Duo R-Series delivers superior, reliable performance and a longer service life,” said Dale Schmitz, Marketing Segment Manager. “Switching from traditional tanks to the consistency and efficiency of the Demand Duo R-Series is simple and benefits customers with a lower total cost of ownership.”

Sold in 80 or 119- gallon tank options, the Demand Duo R-Series eliminates the need for new vent penetrations. The pre-installed drip leg and 36” Swivel-Flex Gas Line also creates material efficiencies and reduces install time with a pre-installed electrical junction box and duplex outlet. The digital controller, which comes with the product, also allows management of building recirculation without having to purchase an additional aquastat.

“With cost advantages to the end user, as well as ease of installation, this product gives contractors a great competitive advantage,” said Schmitz. “Rinnai is going one step further and offering an aggressive promotion to encourage Rinnai PROs and installers to try the Demand Duo R-Series, earning them a $150 rebate through June 30, 2021.”

Rinnai’s R-Series originated from the Demand Duo product portfolio; the first commercial hybrid water heating product introduced by Rinnai in 2015. It was developed to compete against high-efficiency tank-type water heaters in emergency replacement situations. Due to water heating inside traditional tanks, those products are put through a higher amount of strain, and that constant heating is what ultimately causes the tank to fail, leading to costly replacements. The Demand Duo was designed to solve this problem, by putting less stress on the tank through water being heated outside the tank in the Demand Duo’s tankless unit. With this solution comes a longer product service life, a longer warranty and more economical repairs.

To continue providing solutions to end users and contractors, Rinnai expanded the product category which now includes multiple tank sizes and Btu inputs including two tankless units mounted to a 119-gallon tank, known as the Demand Duo H-Series, a condensing hybrid water heater.

“Once contractors use the Demand Duo series, they seldom go back to installing tank-type water heaters because they can offer a product that is at the same price point but offers so many more advantages,” said Schmitz. “These advantages end up benefiting both the contractor and customer, while providing reliable performance whenever hot water is needed.”

To learn more about Rinnai, visit www.rinnai.us.

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