Rinnai Corner Tankless Rack System

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Check this out. Rinnai introduces the Corner Wall-Mount Tankless Rack System. Pretty cool space-saving ideas in a retrofit or small footprint installations.



In keeping with Rinnai’s focus on developing streamlined water heating solutions
for commercial applications, the company recently introduced its Corner Tankless Rack
System, which is designed to be the replacement for medium-to-large tank water heaters.
By allowing two C199 tankless units to be installed on perpendicular walls in the corner of
a room, the Corner Tankless Rack System frees up valuable floor space previously taken
by a tank. The system also features a vertical manifold design, so plumbers can pipe into
existing piping, as well as a wall-hanging bracket, which enables time and materials to be
saved during quick replacements.

“The Corner Tankless Rack System makes replacing an existing commercial tank with two C199 tankless units simpler than ever before,“ said Houston. “With it’s wall-mount design and zero floor footprint, the unit is ideal for applications where space is at a premium, like restaurants, laundries, school or hotel kitchens and breweries. Since launching this past fall, we’ve seen a great response from installers, and it has been more popular than even we anticipated.”

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