RLS Clarifies Confusion about HVAC/R Press Fittings

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There seems to be some confusion in the HVAC/R industry right now about press fittings. So RLS – manufacturer of the original RLS (Rapid Locking System) press fittings that were first sold under the ZoomLock brand name – wants to set the record straight.

While you can’t always trust what you hear, you can always trust the facts. And here are some undisputed facts about HVAC/R press fittings:

FACT: RLS is the inventor, patent holder and manufacturer of the original HVAC/R press fittings, which were introduced under the ZoomLock brand in 2015, through an exclusive agreement with Parker Hannifin Corporation’s Sporlan division. The fittings were designed and engineered – and continue to be made – in America.

FACT: The exclusive agreement ended in late 2019, and RLS stopped supplying fittings for ZoomLock in August of 2020. (See the official announcement here)

FACT: In August of 2020, Parker began selling press fittings manufactured in Europe by Conex Banninger (the Conex B MaxiPro line) under the “ZoomLock Max” name.

FACT: RLS now sells the exact same fittings, tools and jaws that were originally sold as ZoomLock under their own RLS brand name. That is why the original ZoomLock tools and jaws still work perfectly with RLS fittings – and always will.

FACT: Any rumors being circulated about RLS/ZoomLock jaws needing to be “traded in” or replaced are simply not true.

FACT: RLS fittings and jaws use a patented double circular press, with 360˚ metal-to-metal connections. ZoomLock Max/Conex B MaxiPro fittings and jaws use a hexagonal press similar to what is used in plumbing.

FACT: RLS fittings have a 6+ year proven track record of success worldwide. Conex Banninger introduced the new B MaxiPro design sometime after June of 2019.

FACT: The only difference between the original ZoomLock fittings and the current RLS fittings is the name. The product is identical – and made in the same American factory.

Want more facts? You can get them from the source by visiting rapidlockingsystem.com or emailing sales@rapidlockingsystem.com.

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