ServiceTitan Launches New Pro Products to Help Home Services Businesses

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ServiceTitan, the world’s leading all-in-one software for home service businesses, unveiled two new products yesterday with the release of ServiceTitan Marketing Pro and ServiceTitan Phones Pro at its annual user conference, Pantheon.

ServiceTitan Marketing Pro and ServiceTitan Phones Pro are two new add-on products that ServiceTitan believes will take home services businesses to the next level. ServiceTitan Marketing Pro helps businesses on ServiceTitan leverage all of the homeowner and customer information they have inside of ServiceTitan so they can deliver hyper-targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. ServiceTitan Phones Pro helps businesses on ServiceTitan reimagine the entire phones and call booking experience so they can boost service efficiency and optimize every single customer interaction.

“Our customers have been able to deliver amazing homeowner experiences and grow their businesses with ServiceTitan, but many have the desire to reach even greater heights, and driving customer loyalty through frictionless, hyper-personalized interactions will help them get there,” said Vahe Kuzoyan, president and co-founder of ServiceTitan. “Our Pro products help them do just that, by empowering home services businesses to run their business like a pro at every part of the customer lifecycle, from phone call to payment.”

ServiceTitan Marketing Pro has pre-built, curated email content that has been tested by industry experts so that end-to-end email campaigns can be built out and automated in just minutes. Real ROI is tracked at every phase of the homeowner lifecycle and includes revenue attribution and email performance. With its Audience Builder feature, ServiceTitan Marketing Pro can triangulate around any customer information in ServiceTitan — like unsold estimates, aging equipment, and expiring memberships — and deliver automated, hyper-targeted emails to homeowners. Email, call and job performance data are combined to present a complete marketing campaign performance. “Each Marketing Pro campaign that we’ve done has generated at least 10 times more revenue than the money we spent on marketing,” said Tom Howard, president of Lee’s Air and an early adopter of ServiceTItan Marketing Pro.

ServiceTitan Phones Pro brings the entire phones and booking experience right into ServiceTitan, without the need for separate, disconnected tools. The seamlessly integrated phones experience boosts CSR efficiency by eliminating the need for clicking any call bubbles or reclassifying calls. Other features such as advanced reporting, real-time transcription and sentiment analysis allow users to have greater insight on homeowner needs.

ServiceTItan Marketing Pro and ServiceTitan Phones Pro together create the ultimate digital toolbelt to minimize friction at every step of the customer journey. By replacing the traditional phone experience, ServiceTitan Phones Pro eliminates the need for landlines with embedded VoIP technology, allowing for real-time coaching tools and actionable alerts to greatly reduce customer hold times and increase booked jobs. “Phones Pro saved us from bolting together multiple separate products and gave us an integrated system which has increased efficiency across the board,” said Steve Stewart of Southern Comfort Mechanical,  an early adopter of ServiceTitan Phones Pro.

“With these new Pro products, you really don’t need to be a digital marketer to market like a Pro, and you don’t need a separate phone system to book jobs like a Pro,” Kuzoyan said.

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