Seven Good Practices Every Plumber Should Live By

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Starting your career as a plumber has provided you with a whole host of skills that have helped you to improve your relationships with clients and provide outstanding service. Throughout your training and during real life experience, you have come to realize that there are a handful of good practices that every plumber should know about. These simple, but effective practices not only help you to improve professional relationships with clients, but it will also enhance your business reputation too. Whether you’re making sure you clean up properly at the end of a job, or you’re providing an honest and transparent overview of the tasks at hand, you will find that these practices will give you a great advantage when it comes to growing your business. Hopefully, you can start to incorporate these ideas into the way you work on a daily basis so that you are always putting your best foot forward when you’re carrying out jobs for clients in your ideal demographic.


Having a friendly tradesman on your side is a very reassuring thing for a customer to experience. When someone has an issue with the plumbing in their home it can be very worrying and anxiety inducing, because they won’t know how easily the problem can be fixed. If you are able to put their mind at ease using a friendly tone and manner, they will feel much happier and comfortable whilst you carry out the job.

Cleaning Up After a Job

A clean and tidy plumber is a well-respected one, so it’s always a good idea to take the relevant tools along to each job with you. As well as fixing pipes, leaks and other plumbing issues, you also need to show that you respect peoples’ homes, so a thorough clean-up is a must every single time. You may want to invest in a portable dust collector to help you remove harmful particles that build up whilst you’re carrying out your job. Removing excess dust will not only help to keep the area safe, but it will also ensure that your customer is happy with the overall job too. Although you don’t necessarily have to clean up the are until it’s spotless, you should try and leave it in the state you left it so that you haven’t caused any unnecessary mess.

Good Communication

From the moment you come into contact with your potential clients and customers, you need to make sure you provide good communication. Most plumbing issues are fairly urgent, which can be very unsettling to homeowners and business owners looking to get the job done as fast as possible. If you’re able to communicate effectively and efficiently with your customers, you will create a strong working relationship from the very beginning. It is very reassuring when tradespeople communicate well via phone calls, emails and text messages as it gives your business a good name and professional vibe from the outset. As soon as you start prioritizing communication, you will start to see an increase in customer referrals as they will feel extremely happy with the service they experienced with you. 

Professionalism When Working

Every plumber has their own way of working, depending on your style. No matter how familiar you are with a client, you should always respect their home and carry out work in a professional manner. Try to avoid talking on the phone, using social media or listening to loud music whilst you’re working on the task at hand. Provide regular updates to your client when needed and show respect for their home and surroundings.

Sticking to Deadlines

Try not to make promises to your clients if you know it’s going to be difficult to deliver on these promises. Sticking to deadlines is extremely important as this shows that you can be trusted as a plumber. If you are able to provide clear updates when you’re carrying out a job it will put your client’s mind at ease right away. Don’t feel worried about telling them about a delay due ordering a new part. Communication goes a long way when it comes to getting the job done and your customer will be much happier if you can keep them in the loop with deadlines as and when they may change.

Honesty and Transparency

As a business owner, it’s so important to practice honesty and transparency no matter what stage in business you are at. Whether you’re first starting out or you’ve been in the industry for decades, you need to show honesty throughout every task you undertake. This could mean being open about pricing from the moment someone requests a quote from you. Lying to your customers or playing down an issue could lead to bigger complications and it will break the trust between you and your client.

Putting Safety First

When you’re working as a plumber, it is so important to take safety seriously and prioritize it as often as possible. Keeping pets and children in the household away from your workspace is a must, so that there are no unforeseen accidents in the area. You should also take measures to protect yourself whilst working too so that you are always safe and following protocols whilst in other peoples’ homes and establishments.

As you can see, there are a whole host of different best practices to help you move your business forward and create a positive brand name for your business. Whether you’re working for an agency as a plumber, or you’re representing your own company, you should always be willing to go the extra mile and make sure your customers receive the best possible service from you. From safety procedures to cleaning guidelines, you can always go above and beyond to provide an excellent service for your clients. Hopefully, you are already familiar with most of the ideas set out ahead of you, but with a little extra care and attention you can do an even better job when it comes to providing outstanding plumbing services every single time.

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