Sewerooter T-4 from General Pipe Cleaners Clears 3 inch To 6 inch Inside Lines Up To 100 Feet Long

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General Pipe Cleaners’ popular Sewerooter T-4™ mid-size drain cleaner packs the performance, punch, and portability to unclog 3” to 6” diameter lines up to 100 feet long.
Plumbing, drain cleaning, and maintenance pros love it. With more cleaning power than its T-3 predecessor, Sewerooter T-4 carries 100 feet of 9/16” Flexicore® cable to clear stubborn stoppages in 3” to 4” inside lines. Heavy duty 9/16” cable provides more torque than traditional 1/2” cables offer, yet can clean the same size drain lines.
Need to clear tree roots and other tough clogs from 3” to 6” lines? Simply switch drums to 75 feet of 5/8” Flexicore cable. To adjust to different cable sizes, just turn a knob atop the feed. No screwdriver required!
General’s labor saving, variable speed Power Cable Feed also offer enhanced safety and control through blockages. Users easily guide the cable in and out of the line at up to 20 feet per minute – yet keep hands clean and off spinning cable.
Sewerooter T-4 features a fold-down handle, stair climbers, and truck loading wheel for easy transport, maneuvering, and storage. Its robust, reinforced frame smoothly rides on big 10” semi-pneumatic wheels.
The powder coated metal drum includes General’s unique, self-aligning Flexitube™ distributor tube to reduce cable tangling. And a heavy-duty 1/3 hp capacitor-type motor with thermal overload protection powers Sewerooter T-4.
Flexicore cable offers superior kinking resistance and unequalled strength with the right amount of flexibility. It’s so tough that it carries the best warranty in the business with a one-year protection against defect and breakage.
For details contact the Drain Brains® at General Pipe Cleaners at 800-245-6200 or 412-771-6300, or visit

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