Sioux Chief is pleased to announce the launch of Tomahawk’s website

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As you know, Sioux Chief’s new Tomahawk brand represents the consolidation and highlighting of three Sioux Chief specialty product lines: Plumbing Specialty, Gas Specialty and Plumbing Tools.

Now Sioux Chief is pleased to announce the launch of Tomahawk’s website,, which was created to reflect and support this fundamental change. And in order to provide easy navigation for web users, the new website is structured along Tomahawk’s three product group sections as follows:

Plumbing Specialty


This section showcases our products for:

  • Closet Specialties & Repair
  • Tub & Shower Specialties & Repair
  • Lav/Sink Specialties & Repair 
  • Tubular Specialties

Here you’ll find classic plumbing specialty products manufactured by Sioux Chief like our PlumbPerfect™ closet bolts, our Shower WallNut™ shower arm adapter, TrimTite™ shallow escutcheons, and our Wedge-It™ stability wedges.  


Gas Specialty

Here we feature our Log Lighter Products as follows:

  • HearthMaster™ & Accessories

  • Gas Ball Valve

  • Gas OxBox™

In this section, as also found in the Tomahawk catalog, we include an important note about Gas Valve deep set installations.



This section showcases our array of tools, which includes a very complete and versatile line of PowerPEX™ crimp tools and quality cutting devices such as tube cutters, our Sawhorse™ saws and a metal stud punch, and other plumbing accessories as follows:

  • PowerPEX™ Tools

  • Cutting Devices

  • Brushes & Abrasives

  • Wrenches, and other Tools & Accessories

While we offer these items to assist in the performance of quality plumbing installations, the plumbing professional is also assured that they are working with Sioux Chief quality-tested and professionally reviewed tools and/or accessories.

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Please note that orders for Tomahawk products go through Sioux Chief Customer Service/Shipping and you may add Tomahawk products to Sioux Chief products, or vice versa, on a single order (which also assists with freight considerations). Your Sioux Chief experience will remain the same. All Tomahawk sales representatives are Sioux Chief sales representatives as well.  For more information, please contact your local Tomahawk/Sioux Chief Representative.

Lastly, the Tomahawk and Sioux Chief websites connect via the upper right tabs.

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