Sioux Chief Launches Product Video Series for Plumbing Contractors

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The new Sioux Chief rough plumbing video series offers plumbing contractors need-to-know information about time, labor and money saving innovations in Sioux Chief’s Supply, Drainage and Support categories.

Rough plumbing manufacturer, Sioux Chief, announced the launch of a new series of product videos that enable plumbing contractors and wholesalers to know more about Sioux Chief design innovation, product features and installation techniques.

Sioux Chief OxBox Video
Sioux Chief OxBox Video

The videos highlight Sioux Chief’s many innovative designs for rough plumbing products in the Supply, Drainage and Support categories, all of which save contractors time, labor and cost during installations and result in virtually no callbacks due to Sioux Chief quality and design.

“Sioux Chief innovates for the contractor,” said Rex Baer, Vice President of Product Development at Sioux Chief. “Our primary objective is to enable plumbing contractors to build their brands and businesses by using high-quality products with price points that change the landscape for project bidding, labor costs and long-term quality.”

Some of the highlighted Sioux Chief plumbing products include the FinishLine™ Drain, which replaces common floor drains and floor clean-outs with an adjustable and time-saving modular drainage system; OxBox™ Laundry Outlet Box with an adjustable over-the-stud installation allowing plenty of room for plumbing and various mounting brackets for quick installation; and the Prime Perfect™ Trap Primer Valve, which is automatically activated, services up to eight traps using a splitter and distributors and is certified by the American Society of Sanitary Engineering.

The one to three minute videos offer plumbing contractors need-to-know information about time, labor and money saving innovations in Sioux Chief’s Supply, Drainage and Support categories.

Sioux Chief products are sold through wholesale plumbing distributors nationwide.

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