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Sioux Chief has received its first nomination for the very prestigious WinWholesale Vendor of the Year Award. Sioux Chief met or exceeded the criteria for representation, ease of doing business, quick response times, breadth of product offering and competitiveness.

Rough plumbing manufacturer, Sioux Chief, was nominated in March for the WinWholesale Vendor of the Year. WinWholesale Inc. is a leading supplier of domestic and industrial supplies and materials headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. Nominees were announced at the WinWholesale Vendor Showcase on March 18 in Dallas, TX.

“Everything that Sioux Chief does to promote their products helps us sell them to our customers.  Plumbing contractors know the Sioux Chief name and always associate it with quality products at a fair price,” said Eddie Gibbs, WinWholesale Vice President of Vendor Relations.

The qualifying nominees and winners are decided on by a combination of WinWholesale Local Companies, WinWholesale Area Leaders and the WinWholesale Executive Team.

Congratulations to the 2013 HVAC Vendor of the Year Award winner – DiversiTech Corp.

“Sioux Chief has a great rough plumbing product offering. Their product innovation and design allows our Local Companies to rely on Sioux Chief for many of their plumbing needs,” Gibbs says.

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