Sioux Chief takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has swept across the country, Sioux Chief Manufacturing has done its part to help raise money for this awful disease.

It began with two employees, Chris Cucar and Sarah Calini, challenging the rest of Sioux Chief to take the challenge. Joe P. Ismert, Owner of Sioux Chief, was the one to dump the bucket of frigid water on the heads of Calini and Cucar.

Not only did Ismert volunteer to pour freezing water on his employees, he offered to match any donation made by a Sioux Chief employee.

The donating didn’t stop there, Rex Baer, Vice President of Product Development, offered to donate $10 on behalf of every Sioux Chief employee who participated in the ice bucket challenge as a group. That day, 18 Sioux Chief employees participated in the challenge in front of the Sioux Chief building.

Watch for live updates about total donations made and see all of the videos of Sioux Chief participating in the challenge on our Facebook page –

via Sioux Chief Participates in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge | Sioux Chief Blog.

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