Sioux Chief To Build New Headquarters

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Sioux Chief continues to expand product lines as they announce intention to construct new headquarters facility at CenterPoint complex.

Sioux Chief Manufacturing, makers of Rough-In plumbing copper and plastic supply fittings, PEX tubing, drainage fixtures and support hangers; has announced its intentions to construct a new headquarters facility in Kansas City, Missouri.Sioux Chief’s singular factory and headquarters is currently located in the Kansas City suburb of Peculiar, Missouri.

The new manufacturing facility will be located in the NW corner of the CenterPoint complex in south Kansas City, formerly the site of Richards Gebaur Air Force Base.

Company overview – Sioux Chief Manufacturing Co., Inc. was founded in August of 1957 by the late Martin E. “Ed” Ismert, Jr., and began its operations, fabricating a single product line in a rented 3,000 square foot, third floor of the Double I Supply Company, a Kansas City, Kansas, plumbing wholesaler. In 1967, Sioux Chief relocated to Kansas City, Missouri and in 1970, moved to Grandview, Missouri, where it operated from 1970 until 1983, growing its line to two basic products and its employee base to 18.That year, the corporation purchased its own 22,500 sq. ft. building, located just south of Peculiar, Missouri, where it operates today in a 378,000 square foot plant, warehouse and office complex today we produce more than 100 different lines of product….comprising more than 7,000 different items.

Their Supply, Drainage and Support lines include many product and processing innovations the company has developed over the years. Sioux Chief Mfg. currently holds more than 30 U.S. Patents. Sioux Chief invests itself in technology, certifications, processes, inspections and evaluations on the front end so that they can hand the very best American made plumbing products to their customers on the front line, helping them to be successful.

As Sioux Chief looks to continue to expand, a focus has been placed on developing a long term real estate strategy. Their current site would allow for some expansion but could not accommodate the current need for 600,000 square feet, or the anticipated growth needs projected to one day be in excess of 1,000,000 square feet. The CenterPoint Intermodal site delivers both the space projection and promises a smoother transition, being relatively close to their existing campus. When Sioux Chief receives all the necessary approvals to proceed with this project, it will eventually relocate all of its corporate headquarters along with the majority of its manufacturing and distribution operations to Kansas City, Missouri. Plans include expanding its World-Class extrusion operation at its current location near Peculiar, as well as adding complementary operations there.

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