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Sloan has expanded its Crown® piston flushometer line with the addition of sensor and manually operated urinal models flushing at 0.125 gpf or 0.25 gpf. These new ultra high-efficiency piston flushometers further expand Sloan’s wide range of high-performing plumbing systems for today’s commercial restroom.

The exposed and concealed 0.125 gpf and 0.25 gpf Crown flushometers are available as complete valves or they can retrofit onto existing 0.5 gpf flushometers to save even more water and money in a matter of minutes. Along with the introduction of these new models, Sloan has made Crown product line enhancements to ease installation and increase the performance of these systems, including a new Venturi piston design for water closets to improve flow efficiency.

Other Crown flushometer products include water closet models, operating at 1.6 gpf or 1.28 gpf, and 0.5 gpf and 1.0 gpf urinal models. Crown flushometers are available separately or packaged with Sloan vitreous china water closet or urinal fixtures.

Sloan patented the piston flushometer in 1929. The new Crown models join Sloan’s complete line of piston and diaphragm technology flushometers, which together meet the needs of all commercial applications and environments. Download this white paper discussing which conditions and usages impact the decision to choose a piston or a diaphragm flushometer:

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