Space-Saving Press Ball Valves with Integrated Union Fittings from Webstone

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Tee and elbow union products from Webstone®, a brand of NIBCO®, eliminate the need for multiple fittings and valve assemblies. This line features ball valves combined with a choice of an integrated tee or elbow union fitting that may be used to change the direction of a line or to install a branch off of a line.

The T-Union Ball Drain model combines these same features with a hi-flow hose drain, allowing the user to quickly and easily install a drain off of a line. It has an adjustable flow path and a reversible handle to drain from either side of the ball. The integrated union adds versatility and makes installation fast and simple, with the ability to easily disconnect and replace the pipes for future repairs.

The dual stem seal design incorporates both an O-ring and PTFE packing with an adjustable packing gland for extra leak protection. These valves feature press end connections in sizes ½” – 1½”, including reducing options suitable for manifold/zone assemblies. They can save up to one hour of labor, replace 8 components, and eliminate 7 leak paths.

All products are made from lead-free dezincification resistant brass, can withstand up to 250°F and 200 PSI CWP, and are certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and 372.

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