Stormwater Detention – a Growing Concern – Highland Tank

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In its simplest form, the concept of stormwater management is to provide a means of flow reduction and treatment prior to discharge from a developed site. Retention of peak flows under extreme rainfall conditions is imperative in maintaining and/or improving our surface water quality. Highland Tank Stormwater Detention Tanks (SDT) play a critical role in many stormwater management plans.

In some instances, stormwater requires vigorous onsite storage to avoid hydraulic overload of the sewer infrastructure. The intent is to reduce flooding and/or the potential for overflow at the wastewater treatment plant.

Protected steel tanks provide the proper stormwater storage to meet the treatment volume objective as well as providing additional capacity for channel and/or flood protection requirements. Once the treatment objective is met the water can be control pumped to the treatment plant under normal operating conditions.

Highland Tank SDT are constructed of carbon steel with choices of tough high-solids epoxies, polyurethane and other linings or external coatings. These ‘tight’ tanks are available for aboveground and underground installation based on your needs. Contact your local Highland Tank representative to discuss which coatings best suit your project. Custom sizes and options are available including stainless steel fabrication. Highland Tank designs and manufactures SDTs to relevant AWWA, NFPA, UL or API Standards. A variety of manways and nozzle connections are available including flanged, threaded and Victaulic. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to build a SDT to meet your specific needs.

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