System Sensor Launches WFDN Series Waterflow Detectors

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The WFDN Series Waterflow Detector is fully redesigned to meet the needs of today’s fire sprinkler professional. The new features of the timer dial, cover, and terminal block add convenience and save on installation time.

The new timer dial is a first for waterflow detectors with a built-in time delay. Not only is it large and easy to turn, but its high-contrast, pad-printed markings and tactile features make it easy to set by feel in dimly lit or hard-to-reach locations. The detector’s built-in time delay mechanism is still immune to dust and other contaminants, but now it’s also designed for improved timer accuracy and repeatability.

The directional cover is molded so it can only be installed in one orientation, allowing the building owner or installer to see the direction of waterflow at a glance. The new non-metallic material is UV- and damage-resistant, and it helps provide a better seal while maintaining a NEMA 4 enclosure rating. The cover also acts as an insulator, resists corrosion and arching, and resists damage and electric shock more effectively than current metal designs on the market.

The wire-ready terminal block is designed for intuitive wiring. The new terminal layout places the common terminal on a different elevation, making it easy to determine how to properly wire the switch. The more robust paddle assembly allows the detector to perform better in applications where a dramatic in-rush of water causes a lot of vibration.

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