Taco’s New 00e 2218 Delta-T Variable Speed, ECM High-Efficiency Circulator

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Taco’s new 00e VT2218 circulator is the only temperature sensing pump in its class. The 00e 2218 comes with two temperature sensors to provide delta-T readings to the pump’s control, programmed to save hundreds of dollars in fuel costs, right out of the box. The high efficiency ECM motor uses up to 85 percent less electricity compared to standard circulators of the same size. And, because flange-to-flange dimensions are the same as with standard circulators, upgrades are easy. The circulator provides up to 22 feet shut-off head and 18 gpm maximum flow, covering a broad range of applications.

The 2218 has a big, bright LCD screen to display operating mode, temperature or speed setting, watts, supply and return temperatures, error code diagnostics and English or metric units. Push button navigation allows installers to set the circulator to any one of five modes quickly and easily: delta-T differential temperature (factory default), four fixed speeds, set point heat, set point cool, and boiler protection. It also has a full speed override for system fill and purging.

The 2218 ships with an optional Integral Flow Check (IFC®). The innovative BIO Barrier® protects the pump from system contaminants.

The circulator is ideal for delta-T or setpoint temperature applications. Typical uses include hydronic systems zoned with zone valves, radiant loops, injection pumping, snowmelt or hydro-air fan coils. Can also be used in constant speed mode for zoning with circulators, indirect water heaters or primary boiler loops and can be wired to a Taco ZVC Zone Valve Control or SR Switching Relay for on/off operation.

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