Service Contracts

The trades have always been competitive and very word-of-mouth and reputation-led, even in these online times. This means that it’s essentially important for any business, no matter if they’re involved in construction, repairs or specialized outfitting, to focus on how to gain, retain, and satisfy their clients. This much is obvious. That said, there are Read more

The trades have always been competitive and very word-of-mouth and reputation-led, even in these online times. This means that it’s essentially important for any business, no matter if they’re involved in construction, repairs or specialized outfitting, to focus on how to gain, retain, and satisfy their clients. This much is obvious.

That said, there are many competing businesses out there doing the exact same thing. Unfortunately, if you’re not first choice for a client, then odds are you won’t secure work from them. In this post, we’ll discuss a few strategies you can take to help your trade business become more competitive, deliver a better result, and enhance the value that you provide to the end client.

We hope to gear these tips for mostly everyone no matter where they are in the industry, from a somewhat humble outfit to a larger, multi-state operation that can attend many houses or commercial buildings rain or shine. In this respect, we can more competently understand how to move forward and deliver the full weight of our productivity going forward:

Offer Aftercare Services

Of course, it’s important to note that the work we commit to is not always the work that will remain. This isn’t to say that your quality assurance is lacking or that you should be expected to make continual repairs ad nauseum, but an aftercare service can be essential. Perhaps, after fully servicing a roof, you find it worthwhile to come back and inspect it after five years, making adjustments and repairs where necessary as part of your bargain.

This kind of longevity of service not only ensures that your client feels they can trust you in the long term, but it helps them refer to you as their only port of call if other issues take place. Not only that, but coming back to inspect or repair within your acceptable window is often seen to as a mark of trustworthiness, and it’ll keep your repairs or installations looking as good as possible for as long as possible. This can help emphasize yourself not only as a trade or construction service but that of a craftsman who may gain new clients via word of mouth alone.

Use Trustworthy Contractors

It’s very important to use trustworthy contractors where appropriate. This might involve hiring the best concrete contractors to sort out a commercial building project’s drive-in area or foundations, or it might mean utilizing a service to come and finish off your structure with decorations and the installation of various utilities.

Trustworthy suppliers are also essential. Make sure you inspect the quality of your materials used, and services rendered. This might involve the kind of wood you use to implement fixtures, or it may mean investing in worthwhile safety equipment to protect your staff from difficult conditions. Ultimately, the services and tools we use to help deliver our product speaks to the competence and coherence of our brand, and that’s going to be a large part of what you have to offer.

Repeat Project Discounts

Of course, the only thing better than a new customer is a returning customer. For this reason, it’s a good idea to try and figure out how to make this a possibility. For instance, you might decide that if they return to you the next time they need their driveway servicing, you’ll offer them a 20% discount.

This can be achieved by simply having your client recorded on your books, or offering discount codes and seasonal promotions where necessary, using your website as a key instance. That kind of approach can be tremendously useful.

Promotions, Offers, Marketing Possibilities

Of course, all businesses are having to inspire further consumer confidence after Covid-19 has rocked many homeowner’s spending power. For this reason, getting the word out there is important. This can involve the use of promotions, offers, and additional marketing possibilities. The latter, for instance, might involve knocking off a certain price from work conducted if they advertise using a sign in their garden or driveway.

This way, the whole neighborhood can see the extent of a job well done, while also becoming aware of once again aware of your services in the local community. That may help drum up additional business, or simply give you the justification you need to begin opening those possible conversations.

Utilize SEO Techniques

Utilizing SEO techniques to help build your brand and become seen as the ‘default’ entity in your local area can be a great use of your time. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a process of moderating your content and web presence to ultimately be favored by Google’s search algorithm, raising you higher in the search term rankings of your local area.

It’s perfectly safe and completely legal if done right, in fact, Google actively encourage this approach and industries have spawned around it. Companies can utilize the services of SEO firms, or they can help their own stature by methods such as running a business website blog with informative articles. Through writing their landing pages well, having essential information on hand and using keywords, they can also make sure their actual website pages raise higher in the search term rankings, too. This means that you’re much more likely to be seen by others when they’re searching for services like yours in the area, as simply being one search ranking above another service could potentially secure you the client, and vice versa.

As such, service-oriented businesses like yours could prosper in their marketing strategy provided they’re willing to utilize the best SEO practices and habits geared at getting them there.

Attend Trade Events & Shows

It’s good to be seen as a face of and in your industry, and that means attending trade shows and events can be a great idea. This might involve showing off a product you have designed, or your portfolio, giving a talk, or just being a presence there, promoting your business and talking to other players in your field. It might be, for instance, that you’re an officially approved vendor of a certain product, and as such, it’s a good idea to be there to discuss its very many applications. 

Not only is this a good place to network and be seen, but you may learn more about the movers and shakers in your industry, the standards they set, and more. As such, industry trade events are more than worth your time.

Become Licensed With Certain Manufacturers

Of course, contractors, builders and construction outfits work hand in hand with manufacturers to make sure that adequate services are rendered and the best products are installed. From proprietary driveway resin materials to certain double glazing options, manufacturers may require official approval before you are entitled to order or install their products.

It’s not uncommon for our potential clients to be aware of this arrangement, or at least the brand name of a certain product they would like, and so investing in our firm to be able to install those products is essential. This might involve sending your staff to training seminars, completing qualifications yourself, or perhaps entering into an exclusivity deal with such a manufacturer. Then, and perhaps only then, may you be able to adequately provide the manufacturer’s product as required. It can’t hurt to follow this process, as it both could and should raise your attractiveness to particularly informed clients.

With this advice, you’re sure to make your trade firm that much more competitive. After a year like 2020 and the first half of 2021, that’s more important than ever.