Smart Leak Detection

As a homeowner, I know firsthand the fear of experiencing water damage in the place I find the most comfort. But as someone who works in the plumbing technology industry, I know there is a way to receive alerts the moment a pipe bursts or an appliance fails so I can call my plumber before Read more

As a homeowner, I know firsthand the fear of experiencing water damage in the place I find the most comfort. But as someone who works in the plumbing technology industry, I know there is a way to receive alerts the moment a pipe bursts or an appliance fails so I can call my plumber before irreversible damage occurs.

Certainly, you’ve done your fair share of leak repairs as a contractor. They’re so common that Chubb reported 45% of homeowners have experienced a water leak or know someone who has, and, according to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage insurance claims are 3 times more likely than theft and fire claims combined. And with nearly every burst pipe or fixture leak, there’s a frantic call to a local plumber for an emergency repair.

Fortunately, Chubb also found that 93% of all water damage can be prevented, and there’s technology that helps protect your customers against these costly and devastating leaks. Recommending and installing this technology for your customers can help position you as a hero.

Smart Leak Detection Devices: What Are They?

Most leak detectors today are Wi-Fi connected smart home units that track water activity in the home and alert users to potential leaks.

Some devices take leak detection a step further to offer complete protection by:

  • Tracking water throughout the home through the main water line.
  • Monitoring conditions that lead to plumbing system issues such as freezing temperatures, high and low pressure, and excessive humidity.
  • Offering a mode that automatically shuts the water off if a leak is detected while the homeowner is away.
  • Alerting users of abnormal water usage while they’re at home.
  • Detecting slow drips behind the wall, via a pressure decay test, which can cause mold and property damage if left untreated.
  • Integrating with smart home technology such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to make leak detection more convenient.
  • Providing the ability to control multiple devices across multiple properties, such as a second home or vacation property, in one app.

Smart home leak detection devices are a must-have for homeowners who want to protect their investment and avoid high water remediation and property replacement costs. And you can be the one to present the solution to them.

Offering Leak Detection Installation Services

Why offer leak detection installation services to your customers? You will add value to your customer and your business with a product every home should have — just like smoke and security alarms. This gives your customers peace of mind, as they know you’re using advanced solutions to keep them protected. You will also build a trusting relationship for callbacks if the device does detect a leak or pressure issue that requires a professional.

Additionally, if customers with installed leak detectors do experience a leak, they can turn off their water before you arrive so you don’t have to find the main water line, turn the water off and trudge through water to get to the leaking pipe. The result is quicker repairs for you and less frustration for them.

Plus, you will save your customers money on water remediation and property restoration services by installing a device that helps protect them against catastrophic leaks and costly water bills.

Building Awareness About Your New Services

Once you decide to offer leak detection device installation as a service, you’ll want to tell your existing and potential customers. Consider these tactics for letting customers know about your new services:

  • Promote it online and in-person. Share more about your new offerings through social media, email and in-home sales pitches. Around the holidays, you may even consider promoting a customer referral program where people can get and give a discount on their leak detection device installation.
  • Educate customers on leak detection. In your communications about the new leak detection service, include the frequency and cost of leaks and appliance failures. You may also mention the likelihood of another leak happening after the first one, which is 2 to 3.5 times more likely, according to data from American International Group. If the customer’s home contains an older plumbing system or they’re in a part of the country that’s susceptible to freezing temperatures, you may use this to give them a sense of urgency about installing a leak detection system.
  • Show, don’t just tell. While most homeowners are aware that leaks can happen any time, they may not realize they can do something to help prevent them. Show videos of how leak detection devices work, and keep a device in your truck in case they want to see what the device looks like in person.
  • Emphasize the peace of mind. Unfortunately, homeowners can’t always see the effects of a leak until it has caused permanent damage. Explain that a leak detection device can calm their fears about water damage while they’re home or away at work or on vacation.
  • Don’t forget multiple property owners. Have clients that own or manage multiple properties? Emphasize the importance of protecting second homes, vacation rentals, investment properties and aging parents’ homes with smart leak detectors that they can control from one app.

Finding the Right Leak Detection Solution

Your customers need protection against water leaks, and you can be the one to educate them and provide the solution. Learn more about the benefits of offering leak detection services by exploring an installer program, such as StreamLabs, today.

Cindy Welsh is a sales director at RWC – a market leader and manufacturer of water control systems and plumbing solutions for residential and commercial applications.