Tips To Market Your Plumbing Business

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Plumbing is one of those industries that will always be needed. People are always going to need plumbing services for their homes, offices and other premises. Yet it is also so important to know how to promote and market yourself. Without having a voice and putting yourself out there you could be missing out on a whole host of prospective clients who need you to do some work on their home. Whether people are looking for someone to fit a new vacuum generator or sort out a blocked sink, you want to show that you can help. Here are just a few ways that you can market your plumbing business.

Sort out Google my business

Google My Business is vital for anyone looking to market themselves. By adding yourself to Google my Business it means you will be more likely to show up in Google searches. It also means that you will have a more comprehensive search result for those that find you. You can show your details such as your website, phone, photos and reviews. It will also recommend you in local search results so people in your area will see you first. This helps you to get local jobs and for locals to find you too.

Have a great website

A great website is vital for marketing your plumbing business. It is essentially your shop front and therefore needs to show potential clients all the information they need. It needs to be easy to navigate, have all the relevant services that you offer and all of your contact details. It is a good idea to have some attractive imagery and ensure that it fulfils its purpose.

Get an SEO strategy

Once you have your website sorted, you need an SEO strategy. Without this you might have the best website that has ever been created, but no one will find it. You can build up your SEO a number of ways. You need to ensure you have a quick loading speed – this can be improved by reducing your image sizes and having a CDN. By having a good website host and by having guest posts published on other websites.

Ask customers to leave testimonials

Word of mouth will always be a very successful way to get new business. Asking customers to leave testimonials is a great way to show others how past customers have been pleased with what you’ve done. This works as an addition to word of mouth and helps to spread the word of your services. You can have these testimonials on your website, on an external review site and also on your Google my Business listing.

These are just a few top tips for how you can effectively market your plumbing business. By doing this you will find that it is much easier to generate new business and attract new customers. This leaves you to do what you do best – plumbing. What are some top ways that you have found work for attracting new customers? Let us know!

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