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TOTO is Again Recognized as Best in Class Worldwide Based on Economic, Environmental, and Social Performance

TOTO, the largest plumbing manufacturer in the world with $5.1 billion dollars in annual sales, announced today that it has been distinguished as a global

leader in the building products industry by the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) based on its long-term strategy and economic, environmental, and social performance. This is the fourth consecutive year the TOTO Global Group has received this top honor.

Annually, DJSI World tracks the 2,500 largest

sustainability-driven companies in the S&P Global Broad Market Index. In 2014, only 319 companies were named to the elite DJSI World listing.

After careful review by RobecoSAM, specialists focused exclusively on sustainable investment, the TOTO Global Group scored highest in social performance for the third year in a row. The company was lauded for its human capital development, corporate citizenship, and talent attraction and retention. The TOTO Group also received top honors for its economic performance in customer management and environmental performance for its initiatives to reduce global warming.

“The TOTO Global Group is deeply committed to making people’s lives better, protecting the planet, and keeping our water pure. We are proud to have contributed to environmental sustainability through innovative plumbing products and water-related services since TOTO was frst established in 1917,”said Daijiro Nogata, Chief Executive Offcer for TOTO USA. “We are deeply honored to be named a global leader for the building products industry again this year by the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. We will continue to lead the way as a

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genuinely sustainable company that operates in harmony with the earth for better living today – and a better tomorrow.”

Recently, the TOTO Group announced its Global Environmental Vision that defned key performance indicators and targets, which the TOTO Global Group will work together to achieve by 2017, the year of TOTO’s centenary:

  • Conserving Water
    The TOTO Global Group will help protect the world’s water supply by:

    • ▪  manufacturing water-effcient products and promoting their use around the world, which will reduce the amount of water consumed by TOTO products during their life-cycle by 343 billion gallons, and
    • ▪  promoting the use of water-saving toilets around the world, with a target shipment ratio of toilets that use 1.28 gallons per fush, or less, of 70% in Japan and 80% for the TOTO Group worldwide.
  • Preventing Global Warming
    The TOTO Global Group will help prevent global warming by:

    • ▪  manufacturingwater-effcientproductsandpromotingtheiruseworldwide,which will reduce CO2 emissions during their life-cycle by 5.63 million tons, and
    • ▪  reducing CO2 emissions by its worldwide business units by 352,000 tons.
  • Conserving Natural Resources
    The TOTO Global Group will help conserve natural resources by:

    • ▪  promoting a zero emissions policy worldwide, and
    • ▪  increasing the recycling rates in its manufacturing facilities by 99% in Japan and 90% for the TOTO Group worldwide.
  • Keeping the Earth Clean
    The TOTO Global Group will help keep the planet clean by preventing the generation of hazardous chemical substances.
  • Conserving Biodiversity
    The TOTO Global Group will select raw materials by using criteria that help conserve biodiversity.
  • Contributing to Local Communities
    The TOTO Global Group will contribute to local communities by:

    resolving social and regional issues that concern the environment in collaboration with stakeholders in each country and region, and

increasing the number of Green Volunteers worldwide to 55,000.

  • The TOTO Group calls its social contribution projects that relate to the

    environment (such as tree planting and environmental cleanup) Green Volunteer programs.

  • The company encourages all of its employees to participate in these programs.



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