Trilogy Plumbing Offers Advanced Plumbing Technology

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JG ProLock

John Guest has continued to be a manufacturer of choice for the most innovative and high-quality plumbing materials on the market. JG ProLock and JG Speedfit feature the most advanced plumbing technology currently available, allowing them to be both efficient and easy to install.

It is precisely these qualities that first piqued the interest of Trilogy Plumbing. Trilogy Plumbing Inc., headquartered in Anaheim, Calif., is among the preeminent plumbing contractors in the region. They specialize in the installation of first-class plumbing systems for new commercial and residential properties.

JG ProLock

Like John Guest, Trilogy possesses an unwavering commitment to the delivery of only the highest-quality services and results for their customers. In adhering to this goal, they work closely with constructors to assure that their systems will meet their desired standards.

Having familiarized himself with the benefits of John Guest’s JG Prolock and JG Speedfit, Trilogy Plumbing Vice President Rich Langenwalter recognized that John Guest products would be a perfect fit for his company and would uphold their commitment to providing excellent services for their clients. Langenwalter was particularly enamored with the fact that neither JG ProLock nor JG Speed fit require any tools to make lead-proof connections, drastically decreasing the installation times for plumbing systems. These benefits led Mr. Langenwalter to use John Guest fittings in the construction of Trilogy Plumbing’s first multi-million-dollar custom home.

Impressed with ability of the JG ProLock to facilitate a swift and premium installation process on the home, Mr. Langenwalter said, “This is a high-end fitting which I want to use for our high-end custom homes.” The project manager and technicians both spoke highly of John Guest’s products and credited them with making the installation process easier and more efficient. The quality of John Guest fittings was verified through the installation process, after which over 200 ProLock couplers, elbows, tees, reducing tees, reducers, and brass fittings all passed inspection immediately following construction. Langenwalter has since requested the incorporation of John Guest fittings in future Trilogy Plumbing projects.

ProLock End Cap

Trilogy’s projects range from a 200-fitting custom house to a 35-fitting one-bedroom apartment. Their experience with John Guest products has led them to conclude that no matter what the size of the project, John Guest fittings are the premier product for the execution of a swift, high-quality installation. John Guest is pleased that Trilogy Plumbing had such an enjoyable and satisfactory experience with JG ProLock and Speedfit, and looks forward to providing the necessary fittings for future Trilogy projects.

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