U.S. Boiler Company Announces New X-C Value Condensing Boiler

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The new, value-priced X-C high-efficiency boiler is an addition to U.S. Boiler Company’s broad line of stainless steel condensing boilers. It’s available in five sizes from 80 to 180 MBH and provides up to 95% AFUE at an extremely competitive price.

A factory-preset Sage 2.2 control system and LCD display offer straightforward set-up and diagnostics, while a standard outdoor reset control saves fuel for the end-user. The X-C boiler is system tested at the factory and comes with a five-year parts warranty.

Joining the K2 Watertube, K2 Firetube and Alpine models as another easily-installed, easily-serviced condensing boiler, the X-C offers a feature-packed solution for the budget-minded customer. In all, US Boiler now offers stainless steel, condensing models from 80 to 800 MBH, with multiple heat exchanger options.

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