Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valves from American Standard Aim to Stop Valve Run-On

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Combining superior performance and reliability, new Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valves from American Standard are built to reduce maintenance and save water in commercial applications. The flush valves, available for commercial urinals and toilets, feature exclusive and proprietary DynaClean Technology, engineered to stop valve run-on.

Those who have stepped foot in a public restroom with a toilet continuously running have experienced the most prevalent problem with diaphragm flush valves. A clogged refill orifice causes the valve to continuously run and not shut off, which can potentially waste one to two gallons of water per minute. To prevent valve run-on, each Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valve has a DynaClean Wiper Spring, American Standard’s exclusive self-cleaning technology, which cleans the refill orifice with every flush. The wiper spring keeps the orifice clear of debris and mineral build-up, helping to deliver maximum performance with every flush while saving on water usage and maintenance costs.

With toughness and reliability in mind, the Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valve is equipped with a proprietary EvoLast Diaphragm, designed to outperform and outlast diaphragm flush valves from industry competitors. The EvoLast Diaphragm is made of a premium chlorine-resistant material that delivers consistent performance and resists premature deterioration and failure from water treatment chemicals.

Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valves are fitted for the following American Standard commercial products:


  • Washbrook urinal
  • 6145 Series Manual Urinal Flush Valves (0.125, 0.5 and 1.0 gpf)
  • 6145SM Series Sensor-Operated Urinal Flush Valves (0.125, 0.5 and 1.0 gpf)


  • Madera toilet
  • 6147 Series Manual Toilet Flush Valves (1.1, 1.28 and 1.6 gpf)
  • 6147SM Series Sensor-Operated Toilet Flush Valves (1.1, 1.28 and 1.6 gpf)

Two easy retrofit options offer facility operation and maintenance professionals flexibility and a streamlined approach to improve performance. Most piston and diaphragm flush valves can be replaced with the Ultima Diaphragm Valve thanks to industry standard rough-in dimensions, or Ultima Diaphragm Assemblies can be installed in flush valves from other major manufacturers to help ensure reliability in existing applications. Both installation options deliver the added benefits of DynaClean and EvoLast.

The Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valve is available through top distributors and at plumbing supply houses nationwide. To learn more, visit americanstandard.com or call (800) 442-1902.


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