Versatile stainless solution for Phoenix snack factory

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Barrel O’ Fun, a snack manufacturer with three locations across the U.S., distributes nationwide to retail stores, food service outlets and private labels. As the company continued to expand its reach, a distribution center was needed for the growing western market, which led them to build a new, multi-million dollar facility in Phoenix.

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Niemeyer Brothers Plumbing, Inc., also located in Phoenix, did the plumbing work on the new Barrel O’ Fun facility. They knew that stainless steel was the best option for the job because of its quality and performance in washdowns as well as its appealing design for areas where the piping penetrated the ceilings.

Rick Niemeyer, President of Niemeyer Brothers, estimated that the team installed thousands of feet of stainless pipe.

“Viega ProPress was the best choice for this project because of the labor savings and the availability of the products,” he said.

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Niemeyer Brothers installed Viega 304 and 316 stainless pipe and fittings, ranging in sizes from ½” to 3″. Applications included nitrogen, process water, compressed air and domestic hot and cold water.

Approved for a variety of applications and available in a vast array of fitting configurations, Viega systems can be installed in multiple applications within the same project. Niemeyer Brothers installed the nitrogen line using Viega 304 stainless, but the potable water system utilizes the 316 stainless because of its NSF rating.

“The entire nitrogen system is all in stainless,” he said. “It worked fantastic. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, it’s just the right material for the application.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.11.01 AMAs an experienced plumber, Niemeyer wasn’t sure that Viega ProPress would work when he first heard about it, but after installing it in 2008, he experienced the system’s labor savings and trustworthy connections firsthand. Since then, Niemeyer Brothers has continued to install Viega ProPress systems in a greater variety of projects.

“Change is always a little challenging,” Niemeyer said. “But now we install it in more and more projects all the time, especially in hospital and medical work.”

With trustworthy system solutions, Niemeyer Brothers Plumbing, Inc. can count on Viega to help this snack food manufacturer focus on meeting the needs—and taste buds—of its customers.

“It eliminates the welding process, which is definitely slower,” Niemeyer said. “You can press a lot faster than you can weld. The fittings are more expensive, but the installation time you pick up is worth the cost.”

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