Viega 2016 Radiant Training Seminars Scheduled for Boston and Anaheim

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Viega announces two radiant training seminars in 2016 for design-build contractors and engineers.

Viega, in collaboration with the Center for the Built Environment (CBE), at the University of California, Berkeley, is holding the one-day training courses, titled, “Energy and Comfort Performance of Radiant Slab Systems.” The courses are co-presented by Viega’s technical managers and Fred Bauman of CBE.

Viega announced its partnership with the CBE early last year since educating the industry on new and more efficient technologies for commercial integrated hydronics systems was one of the initial goals of the association between the two organizations.

The radiant training seminars are scheduled for September 13, 2016 in Boston, Mass., and November 29, 2016 in Anaheim, Calif. The seminars will teach how radiant systems work, heat transfer fundamentals, energy use and thermal comfort in comparison to conventional all-air systems. Project examples and design guidance will also be covered.

“These radiant seminars provide a wealth of industry knowledge on designing increasingly popular radiant cooling and heating systems,” said Mark Parent, director of product management, Viega. “Our goal is to help educate the industry on newer and more efficient technologies when designing commercial integrated hydronics systems.”

CBE is leading a research program on advanced integrated systems with a focus on radiant slab cooling, also known as thermally activated building systems (TABS). CBE recently accepted a $3 million grant over the next three years on radiant slab systems to research methods for optimizing radiant systems for energy efficiency and comfort.

Viega provides the most versatile radiant heating and cooling systems in the industry. Suitable for residential, commercial or industrial applications, Viega ProRadiant™ heating and cooling solutions include ViegaPEX™ Barrier tubing, Viega FostaPEX® tubing, Viega PEX Press fittings, manifolds, controls, mixing stations, sensors, mats, panels, tracks and plates.

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