Viega’s Submittal Builder Tool For ViegaPEX and Radiant Systems

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Tool allows users to easily and accurately create professional, customized project submittals.

Viega LLC announced its release of the Submittal Builder tool. The online tool allows users to easily and accurately create professional, customized project submittals for ViegaPEX and radiant systems.

Using Viega’s Submittal Builder requires a few easy-to-follow steps. To create a customized submittal, users simply double click on the desired documents, or drag and drop them into the “Selected Documents” column. These documents include product instructions and tech data sheets for Viega ProRadiant and Viega PureFlow Water Systems. Users can fill out fields, including customizable customer and project information that will appear on the cover page.

The tool also includes a “Prepared By” section that retains user information for ease of creating future submittals. Users may select warranties for ProRadiant, PureFlow water systems or residential fire products. Once all documents are selected, users simply select “Build Submittal.” After the project is submitted, users can view a cover page and table of contents that is editable for making changes by the engineers, contractor or other fields as applicable

“Viega is excited to introduce the Submittal Builder tool to make incorporating ViegaPEX and radiant solutions into projects easier,” said Jason McKinnon, director of technical services, Viega. “This tool makes project submittals faster and customizable, and it gives customers a better opportunity to win commercial projects.”

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