Watts’ Pre-Engineered Skid Mounted and Pre-Plumbed Softener Systems

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Watts has upgraded its commercial product offering with a new line of pre-plumbed, skid mounted softening systems.

These pre-engineered systems come equipped with both Fleck 2900 and 3900 control valves for peak flow rates of up to 420 and 1,120 GPM, respectively. They are available in twin-alternating or 2-4 tank parallel designs. Each system includes schedule 80 PVC inlet, outlet and drain headers as well as powder-coated steel skids and no-hard water bypass pistons.

In addition, each mineral tank is accompanied by a dedicated brine tank for model TI, TR, and QD systems. This product line features inlet and outlet headers up to 6- inch in diameter for high flow rate, high volume applications.

Watts’ pre-plumbed and skid mounted water softeners are assembled in the U.S.A. and can be implemented with various Watts water quality products for complete water quality solutions.

Watts WQ-Softeners

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