Watts SentryPlus Alert Technology

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The new SentryPlus Alert technology works with an automated shutdown valve to stop flooding before it starts. SentryPlus Alert notifies you in real-time when there is an issue caused by backflow preventer discharge.

Receive alerts no matter where you are. The technology will send notifications via text, email, and a phone call.

Watts offers the only connected flood protection system that can easily upgrade any existing reduced pressure zone (RPZ) backflow preventer to have flood protection capabilities.

Just one inch of water can cause up to $100,000  or more in damage, This system is simple, cost-effective solution to protect against what could be a costly catastrophe.

There are four configuration options:

Flood Protection and Detection

  1. Flood Protection System — Backflow preventer with automated flood protection shutdown valve.
  2. Flood Protection Automatic Control Valve — with automated flood protection shutdown valve.

Flood Detection Only

  1. Flood Detection Backflow System — Backflow preventer with flood detection system.
  2. Flood Detection Upgrade Kit — for use with any RPZ backflow preventer.

For more info, watts.com/FloodProtectionSystem.