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Wilo USA’s new white paper titled “Wilo Helix EXCEL: The Excellent One” details the superior performance, energy savings and innovative new features of its Helix EXCEL pump. The Helix EXCEL is a multistage centrifugal pump that utilizes electronic commutated motor (ECM) technology and a high efficiency drive (HED) to achieve motor efficiency levels of up to 94%. More importantly, the overall hydraulics of the pump show over a 52% energy efficiency compared to a standard NEMA motor.

The white paper reports how the Helix EXCEL surpasses NEMA Super-Premium motors that meet NEMA 12-12 efficiency levels while achieving the same throughput as other multistage pumps at the same operation duty point as it consumes less power. The pump’s hydraulics are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and produced with laser welding technology, and are optimized to improve quality, efficiency and NPSHR.

“Pumps account for at least 10% of the world’s electricity consumption. That’s huge,” explains Don Kahn, Product Manager at Wilo USA. “If every business started using high-efficiency pumps, this could result in global savings of 4% of total electricity used.”

In addition, the white paper details the Helix EXCEL’s easy operation. A user-friendly interface, for example, makes it easy to set up pump parameters. Different control modes include speed control, constant pressure, and a differential pressure variable (Dp-v). The Helix EXCEL also boasts a PID controller with Delta p-c and temperature control sensors for operation.

The pump’s interface improves BUS communication by allowing for direct data communication with controllers, actuators, and sensors from different manufacturers. It easily integrates into building automation systems and provides real time information on fault signals, current pressure, flow and run signals and more. Improved automation helps reduce costly and avoidable maintenance expenses, while the Helix EXCEL’s cartridge seal system reduces the time required for maintenance work to one-third.

The white paper also lists the Helix EXCEL’s exterior features that provide versatility in open and closed water loop applications, including pressure transducers available in 16 BAR (232 PSI) and 25 BAR (363 PSI). Pressure transducer cables, differential pressure kits, stage kits and bypass kits are also available.

TO VIEW OR DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER, GO TO: http://www.wilo-usa.com/WhitePaperHelixExcel.pdf

TO DOWNLOAD AN IMAGE OF THE WHITE PAPER, GO TO: www.interlinegroup.com/pressroom/Wilo/WhitePaperHelixExcel.zip

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