Zurn ZShield Z1072 Floor Drain Barrier Trap Seal

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Zurn Industries, LLC announces that the new ZShield™ Z1072 Floor Drain Barrier Trap Seal is now available.

ZShield reduces odor, gases, and insects from coming up through the drain while still allowing water to flow. ZShield is designed for new and retrofit applications and is ASSE, ICC, and IAPMO approved. The product is comprised of an ABS rigid structure, silicone gasket, and seal for four different size pipes: 2”, 3”, 3-1/2”, and 4”.

“With the addition of the ZShield, Zurn offers the contractor a complete drain package” says Matt Lawrence, Product Manager for Zurn. “The ZShield can be ordered separately, installed in the new EZ1™, or installed in many of Zurn’s floor drains. Ordering the ZShield installed saves the contractor valuable installation time.”

Zurn’s ultimate goal is to provide contractors with new products that save time and allow for job site flexibility. Products like ZShield are designed to meet this standard – allowing for a quick and easy installation.

From the contractor to the building owner, Zurn has always crafted products that provide a safe and effective solution. Pairing your drain with the ZShield adds that extra security to meet building requirements and keep spaces safe and clean.

For more information, visit Zurn.com

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