Residential construction is definitely on the upswing here in Missoula, MT. We’re quickly approaching the levels we saw before 2008, and I hope we don’t quite hit that peak again. I say this because the quality of work suffered in ’08. I was strictly doing service at the time, but pressure on all the trades Read more

Tech 2 Tech: Tools of the trade

On a daily basis there are a handful of items that we as technicians use to make our jobs just a bit easier. Generally, they are a not much more than an everyday 6-in-1 screwdriver. Ask around as to whether or not there is a preference to which multi-bit screwdriver is the best, I’m sure Read more

I just finished up an awesome few days at the 2016 AHR EXPO in Orlando, Florida. And what a show it was with over 60,000 in attendance. This show was top notch top to bottom and front to back. This show had fantastic energy and displayed some great new products. And even though it’s considered Read more

Tip from John Hopkins at Engineering 7, Inc. There’s a new way to consult your building codes, with your smart phone. Save time and be more productive with Engineering 7’s Building Code Digital series of mobile apps. Useful features including Search, Text Justification, and a Linked Index make this tool a must have. Initial offerings Read more