Unique Observations from the 2016 AHR EXPO

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I just finished up an awesome few days at the 2016 AHR EXPO in Orlando, Florida. And what a show it was with over 60,000 in attendance. This show was top notch top to bottom and front to back. This show had fantastic energy and displayed some great new products. And even though it’s considered an HVACR show, there’s plenty of products, tools, and technology for plumbers and plumbing contractors to learn about, especially those that install and service any top of radiant heating and hydronic systems whether it be residential or commercial.

For those who were unable to attend, I will highlight a few items that caught my attention as unique.

The ROPOWER® by Rothenberger

Rothenberger Ropower

This nifty RoPower tool by Rothenberger can thread a pipe quickly but one of the greatest advantages it has is its ability to thread pipe with the proper amount of threads so plumbers and installers no longer need to count each thread. You set it, forget it, and the machine does all the work for you correctly.

Key Features

  • Quick and reliable threading, trimming, deburring, and grooving
  • Die head Type R (automatic with integrated oil feed)
  • Complete pre- and post-processing of pipe


Milwaukee® Tool’s M12™ 7.8KP Thermal Imager with DUAL SENSE™ Pixels

Milwaukee Tool Dual Sense Thermal Imager

This unique Thermal Imager from Milwaukee Tool can easily assist in finding leaks under concrete and behind walls. The Imager is fully compatible with the simple and powerful Thermal Imager Report Software available online at www.milwaukeetool.com, which makes analyzing images and generating reports quick and easy. Contractors and plumbers can easily download images from the Thermal Imager and show them to their customer on a larger screen such as a laptop, tablet, or any other computer. Every image capture creates a versatile PNG file format image that can also be easily e-mailed for added convenience. This powerful device comes at a very affordable price for all plumbers at around $500.


Webstone Pro-Connect™ Valves & Fittings

Webstone Pro Connect Valves and Fittings

This new ProConnect product from Webstone simplifies the connection process of connecting to Pex, CPVC, and the Aquatherm product. Some additional benefits include:

Key Features

  • No more solder, glue, clamps, costly tools or clean-up!
  • Push-on connection to copper, CPVC or PEX
  • Easily recover from installation & deburring mishaps
  • Forged from DZR Brass for use underground


Most Unique Experience At The AHR EXPO

This belongs to Rheem who displayed their mobile traveling trailer experience fully loaded with their products on display with a side-deck that expanded from the side of the trailer like a modern RV living room to display additional HVAC products. In addition, they displayed an 8-panel network of hi-resolution touch screens to interact with and take a look inside from every angle of their products. This state-of-the-art mobile learning center can be customized to offer hands-on product training, host special events or serve as an alternative to a trade show booth. It can also be easily rebranded to showcase either Rheem or Ruud products.

This experience was certainly a unique highlight of the show. Learn more about this Mobile Trailer Experience by Rheem.

Rheem AHR EXPO 2016 Rheem AHR EXPO 2016 Touch Screen



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