New Jersey Adopts 2018 National Standard Plumbing Code

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Ontario, Calif. — New Jersey residents will continue to be protected by the National Standard Plumbing Code (NSPC), as the Garden State has adopted the 2018 edition of the NSPC, the first to be published by IAPMO.

The Division of Codes and Standards, which is part of the state’s Department of Community Affairs, adopted the NSPC with state-specific amendments on Tuesday.

The NSPC provides the latest information about common materials, fixtures, devices, and equipment systems used or installed in plumbing systems. Illustrations and supplementary notes make the NSPC an indispensable enforcement and training tool. For user convenience, IAPMO will have a separate book available that includes the New Jersey amendments embedded in the body of the text.

“The New Jersey version of the 2018 National Standard Plumbing Code is created in a fair and balanced process that includes plumbing contractors, engineers and inspectors, along with the United Association,” said NSPC Code Committee Chair Frank Maddalon of F.R. Maddalon Plumbing and Heating. “The NSPC is an all-encompassing plumbing code with input from all aspects of the plumbing industry.”

“The state of New Jersey has taken a step forward in protecting the health and safety of all its citizens by adopting the innovative 2018 NSPC,” added Mike Maloney, an NSPC Code Committee Member and Business Manager of UA Local 9 in Englishtown, New Jersey.

NSPC Code Committee Member Mike Baker, an Inspector for Wayne Township, New Jersey, said, “The 2018 NSPC provides cutting-edge technology and theories for the plumbing industry, along with a clear and concise tool for inspectors without requiring multiple code books. Protecting the health and safety of everyone in New Jersey is the highest priority for plumbers, engineers, and inspectors, and the NSPCprovides the guidance for the industry and ensures consistency throughout the state of New Jersey.”

On June 1, 2017, IAPMO and the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors—National Association (PHCC) executed an agreement transferring ownership of the NSPC to IAPMO. The transfer encompasses all editions of the NSPC, including the 2018 edition.

First published in 1933, the NSPC is designed to ensure the proper installation of plumbing systems, providing local and state governments, code administration bodies, and the industry with a modern code to protect health and promote safety.

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