RectorSeal Plumber’s Mate Absorbent Pads 

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Plumber’s Mate is a convenient alternative to rags, paper towels and containers during faucet, toilet, water heater and other plumbing and hydronic HVAC repairs. 

RectorSeal Plumber’s Mate Absorbent Pads, plumbing, plumbing pads, plumbing tools, absorbent pads, Plumber's Mate, HVAC hydronic techniciansRectorSeal® LLC, Houston introduces Plumber’s Mate®, a patented ultra-absorbent utility pad designed for plumbers and HVAC hydronic technicians to protect property from damaging jobsite water drips, spills and accidents during installation and repairs.

The Plumber’s Mate 8.25 (H) x 7.5 (W) x 2.5 (D)-inch (21 x 19 x 6-mm) plastic bag packaging includes six absorbent pads that each unfold to 24 x 24-inches (61 x 61-mm) for placement under potential water drips and spills. Each pad is constructed of three-pieces: 1) dry touch top layer; 2) dynamic liquid containment layer that uses SuperCore technology to hold up to one quart (0.9-liter) of water; and 3) a leak and waterproof protective plastic layer back sheet, that prevents moisture contact with floors and molding.


Plumber’s Mate is a neat, clean, convenient and disposable alternative to rags, paper towels and cumbersome catch-all containers when working in cramped areas of dishwashers, sink cabinets, water heaters, washing machines and toilet supply lines. Besides service work, Plumber’s Mate is ideal as a temporary protectant under slow dripping supply water sources until permanent repairs can be made.

Other Plumber’s Mate features include:

  • Available in cases of seven 6-packs;
  • Perfect solution for drying hard-to-drain toilet tanks before repairs;
  • U.S. patent number 6,675,702 B1;
  • Uses the same three-piece technology as hospital-grade bed pads;
  • Made in the USA with domestic and foreign-manufactured materials.

Plumber’s Mate is available at most plumbing and HVAC trade wholesale distributors. Individual packages can be displayed on J-hook merchandisers or cases can be opened into branded, sleeved cardboard counter displays.

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