Tips For Improving Your Plumbing Website

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When people need a plumber, what do they usually do? In years past, they may have looked in the classified section of their local newspaper but today? They go online of course and search for plumbing companies near to where they live. For this reason, your company does need to have a website. Your plumbing business will pull in more sales if you get one up and running, and you will have the opportunity to stand out amongst your competition too. 

If you already have a website online (or if you are in the process of putting something together), the following might be useful to you. These are the improvements that will benefit your customers and your business, so consider each suggestion.

Improve your SEO

When customers Google ‘plumbing business near me,’ you want your company to come out on top on the search page. If you are several positions down (or pages away), your competitors will have the advantage. For this reason, you need to focus on your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) to ensure your site ranks highly. 

Check out this guide on SEO for plumbers for advice you should find useful. 

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

What does a local resident do when their home springs a leak? Do they spend five minutes booting up their laptop to search for a plumber? Probably not, especially if they have their cell phone to hand. For this reason, you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. As web pages can load incorrectly when the website isn’t optimized for phones and tablets, it’s important to make the necessary changes on your site. 

A website designer will help you in this regard, so get in touch with somebody if your skills are clearly more plumbing than computer-related. But if you are able to comprehend the inner workings of a website as well as your customer’s plumbing fixtures, here are some suggestions for making your website mobile-friendly

Add testimonials and customer reviews

Why should somebody choose your business over your nearest competitors? You need to give them a reason to do so, perhaps by making adjustments to your prices or by displaying your certifications on your website. You should also add testimonials and customer reviews, as these will evidence the work you have done for others. 

So, speak to your happy clients and ask them to write something about your company. When your site visitors read what they have said, they will be more inclined to trust and consider your plumbing business. Be sure to ask your customers to write reviews on local business sites too!

Add features your visitors will find useful

When in the process of developing your site, there are all kinds of free APIs that could be integrated into your website, such as web search options, weather reports, and text-to-speech tools. Some of them can be considered inessential but useful, while others could be considered essential for some of your customers. Follow the previous link for some examples and discuss the range of APIs that could be integrated into your site with a web developer. 

Going beyond these, you could include other things on your site, such as a blog or video page to give your readers useful information about their home’s plumbing. Your articles and videos could include ‘how to’ guides, as these would showcase your expertise as a plumber. 

To further improve your plumbing website, look at the sites of your competitors and beyond and learn from the very best of them.

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