Tips To Market Your Plumbing Business

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If you’re looking to grow your plumbing business you’ll need a way to stand out from the rest. With the help of these focus areas you’ll increase your visibility, both online and within your local community.

Directory listings 

Local plumbing businesses must ensure that they are listed in the most popular online business directories. Adding your company to online directories is a great way to boost your online visibility and establish yourself as a credible company. A few of the main directories include Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, Bing and Yahoo.

Attractive website & blog

To market your plumbing business you should ensure that you have a professional website, and regularly updated blog. You’ll need to create a user friendly site that’s SEO optimized. Ensure that you also optimize your site for speed, you might also consider using a chatbot to improve customer service.

When it comes to creating your blog you’ll need to provide plenty of educational posts that respond to online search intent. Check out your competitors’ content and make sure you’re offering something unique.

To help you optimize your website and your blog there are lots of free SEO tools you can use. Check out tools like Keyword Hero, Google Analytics or Moz Cast.


According to Boast, ‘92% of customers read online reviews before buying.’ Research also indicates that, ‘72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business.’

To support your marketing and boost your credibility you’ll want to collect plenty of positive testimonials and reviews. You might offer your existing customers a discount in exchange for providing a testimonial?

Maintain your reputation 

Word of mouth marketing still exists, if your customers have a bad experience they’ll tell their friends, (plus they’ll tell the internet). This sort of thing can quickly damage your reputation, and so you’ll need to stay one step ahead. So how do you maintain your reputation? The most important thing is to provide an excellent product and service. Use the highest quality tools from your ibc totes to your copper tube cutter and your air testing gauge kit. Working with quality tools and resources will help you to maintain the best service. 

When you’re thinking about your reputation it’s also worth remembering that customers prefer eco-friendly companies. Incorporating sustainability into your brand will help you to grow.

Social media 

Social media can help you to support your marketing campaigns in a number of ways. You can run paid ads on social media, adjusting your preferences to target your audience specifically. Social media is a great way to boost your visibility, and establish a name for yourself in the industry. You can engage your prospects with useful content, from how-to videos to social media competitions.

With the right marketing plan you’ll soon grow your small business, widening your reach and gaining more loyal customers. Creating a successful marketing strategy has many different elements. Most importantly, you’ll need to appeal to the values of your target audience.

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