Watts QuadRail Fastener System

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Ideal for Radiant Heating/Cooling or Snow Melt Applications

Watts has announced the launch of its new QuadRail™ Fastener system. The QuadRail™ Fastener is designed to hold a wide variety of Watts tubing and pipe in a substrate such as concrete, thin slab, and sand.

Watts QuadRail Fastener SystemIdeal for radiant heating/cooling or snow melt applications, these rails can be secured to foam board insulation, wood sub-flooring, or turf using staples, screws, or nails.

The QuadRail™ Fastener can be used with the following Watts tubing:

  • RadiantPEX+™, RadiantPERT™ and RadiantPEX-AL™ tube in sizes 3/8” through ¾”
  • Onix™ in sizes 3/8” through 5/8”

QuadRail™ Fastener specifications:

  • Injection molded of durable nylon
  • Flexible to easily follow the contour of the surface it’s being attached to
  • Each rail: 4-feet long
  • Unlimited length of installed railing (due to interlocking ends)
  • Tube spacing in 4-inch increments
  • Available in bundles of 10

For more information, go to Watts.com.

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